Totally self-powered, no grid connections in order
to provide maximum fl exibility and reduce time and
installation costs. Backlit Communication spaces 70x100 cm ensures visibility 24/24. Solar Communication gives a tangible sign of the
attenction to resources and will of a sustainable
urban development.


Solar clean energy and Backlit Communication
spaces: is a sustainable message. The communication is part of a project context
of public utility, giving a tangible sign of real
commitment to environmental sustainability:
renewable energy, service, innovation, design
Structural Features:
  • Pose in work within a few hours
  • No digging or grid connection
  • Interchangeable communication
  • 10 Back lighting programms
  • Watertight Message boards

Square Series

Solar Power  
Solar Panel: 25W poly-crystaline
Number of panels: 1
Dimensions: 1479mm x 686mm
Light Type: 5W LED Floodlight IP65
Voltage Input: 12V
Lumen: 450 lumens
Color Temperature: 3000-3500 K
Material: Alluminium
Controller: GControl-10
Controller output: 12 V
Battery capacity: 12Ah Lithium LifePO4
Number of Batteries: 1
Pre-set programms: 10 lighting programms
Capital shape: PE Structure, metal support
Pole dimensions: 250 cm
Backlit spaces
Design features: 2 Backlit message boards
Spaces dimensions: (x2) 70x100 cm
Material: Plexiglas opaline windows