Solar Power  
Solar Panel: 0,15 W
Number of panels: 1
Light Type: LED Super Bright (x2)
Material: polycarbonate housing
Power: 1200 mAh
Voltage: 1,2V
Design features
Dimensions: 73x83mm, 20mmH (installed)
Weight: 150g
Light Colors: Red, Yellow, White
Flash rate: 2Hz or 5Hz

Solar Guard Rail

The advantages of using Solar Guard Rail Light include but are not limited to the following:
  • Providing great visibility for drivers at night and during bad weather conditions; and can be seen for over 800 metres
  • Help to prevent fatal accidents and serious injuries caused by vehicles leaving the road and crashing into barriers
  • They maximize the driver's ability to assess the road ahead and manoeuvre through dark spots, or dangerous sharp-curved areas on the road.
  • Cost effective, easy to install and virtually maintenance free.
Using solar energy is good for the environment, saves money and reduces carbon footprint.