With its very compact and slim Design, All-in one
series is confi gured for locations receiving a large
amount of sun throughout the year.
It can be used to light up streets, parking lots, parks,
pathways and roadways.


Designed to operate during the winter months
even when there is a great deal of snow and rain.
Multiple lighting modes available (dusk to dawn, split night, full power, diming) ensure lighting effi ciency. Equipped with a specifi c energy saving mode designed by SMART, Supera achieve up to 6 days of autonomy.

All in OneSeries


BRIGHTA 30W: Features

Solar Power  
Solar Panel: 100W mono-crystaline
Number of panels: 1
Dimensions: 1486mm x 682mm
Light Type: 30W CREE LED
Voltage Input: 12V
Lumen: 2880 lumens
Color Temperature: 4300-6200 K
Material: High pressure alluminium
Controller: GS-Led 12V 10 A
Controller output: 12 V
Battery capacity: 120Ah AGM
Number of Batteries: 1
Design Options
Pole dimensions: 15 ft, 17 ft, 20 ft
Design features: 20 ft standard type
Material: galvanized steel
Finishing: powder coating
Height: -