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About Us ARC Southern Energy's mission is to deliver a competitive and sustainable rate of return to shareholders
OFF-Grid Solar Lighting  
- Urban Series
- Ultra Series
- Supera Series
- Dual Series
- Brighta Series
- Bus-stop solar series
- Decorative Garden and Lawn Lights
- All-in One Series
Combining solar clean energy and advertising spaces
Designed to operate during the winter months
Equipped with a specific energy saving
Double LED, for double lighting sides
Brighta series is equipped with CREE LED light
Solar bus stop illumination is a cost effective way
Solar clean energy for a stan-alone lighting
Very compact and slim Design
Urban Traffic Solutions  
- Solar Traffic Flashing Lights
- Solar Road Stud
- Solar Guardrail
- Solar Road Signs
- Road Sign Lighting
- Solar car Warning Lights
- Solar Traffic Signals
Used to enhance existing marked crosswalks in minutes
flashing solar cell powered LED lighting devices
Prevent fatal accidents and serious injuries caused by vehicles
It can undertake a vital function in a modern way
Consisting of the innovative LED edge lit acrylic panel
Self-contained and equipped with twilight sensor
Exact solution to Power crisis
- Quadri-facial Solar Totem
- Bi-facial Solar Totem
- Wi-fi Solar Totem
- Solar Poster Lamp
Raises the interest of private companies and institutions
Totally self-powered, no grid connections
Key tool to communicate and promote
100% solar powered lighting
- Ready Solar Station
- Solar Irrigation System
- Solar Power Solution
Factory-built ready to power-up on delivery
Converts irradiation from sunlight to electrical energy
A much more affordable solution particularly when long distances
- Telecom Tower
High amps charging capacity with PFC (Power Factor Correction)
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PROJECT MANAGEMENT We provide engineering work for your specifi c projects
INSTALLATION & MAINTENANCE iSolar Lights are completely easy to install and maintain
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