100% solar powered lighting, with interchangeable mounting, mono or bi-facial. Spot LED high effi ciency and low consumption for the optimization of energy, adjustable Spot LED inclination, for the optimizatione of lighting effective.


Adjustable brackets for Bi-facial or Mono-facial
mounting; adjustable spot Led for an optimal
lighting; adjustable solar panel inclination for an
optimal irradiation. Pose in work simplifi ed, in half hour thanks to the Plug&Play tecnology and
Universal mounting brackets.


Bi-facial mounting Mono-facial mounting Image

Structural Features

  • Pose in work within an half hour, no setups
  • No digging or grid connection
  • Mono or bi-facial mounting
  • 10 lighting programms
Solar Power  
Solar Panel: 25W poly-crystaline
Number of panels: 1
Dimensions: 1479mm x 686mm
Light Type: (x2) 5W LED Floodlight IP65
Lumen: 450 lumens
Color Temperature: 3000-3500 K
Material: Alluminium
Controller: GControl-10
Controller output: 12 V
Battery capacity: 20Ah Lithium LifePO4
Number of Batteries: 1
Pre-set programms: 10 lighting programms
Design Options
Structure: Metal monoblock and arms
Total height: 18 cm