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Many Design options available: from the Led light to the Pole dimensions. Dual Lita meets the customers , adapting its Design to specifi c needs and projects.



Solar clean energy for a stan-alone lighting solution. With an excellent lighting distribution is a perfect fi t for illuminating garden, parks, pathways. Thank's to its perfect weather resistance, offers high performance, wherever-whenever. DUAL

Round-shape housing for LED solar lighting. Wattage 8-15W.


Traditional style of housing for LED solar lighting. Wattage 8-15W.



Solar Power
Solar Panel 80W mono-crystaline
Number of panels: 1
Dimensions 1196mm x 54mm
Light type (2x) 8W
Voltage input 12V
Color temperature 4300-6200 K
Material Alluminium
Controller: GS-Led
Controller output: 12/24V auto recogniction
Battery: 80Ah
Design Options
Led fixture Rounded or Traditional style
Led power 8-15W
Pole Dimension 9 ft - 12 ft - 15 ft
Design features 12 ft standard type
Material galvanized steel
Finishing powder coating
Battery housing IP68

Solis Pole


The Solis Pole is the first solar powered application to embed solar panels vertically into the structure. Offering a more aesthetically pleasing appearance along with state of the art technology in solar capture and LED illumination.



Highly innovative Photovoltaic Cells patented, are incorporated into the frame of the pole and mounted vertically giving the most effi cient solar capture. Solis Pole is suitable for Pedestrian areas, steps paths gardens, car parks, cycle ways. DUAL


A sophisticated, intelligent Energy Management Controller situated inside the pole, optimises energy capture and continually monitors the batteries condition.


Unique and innovative system pecifically designed to capture and store solar Power.


The Solis Pole can be uses as a power source for LED lighting, VAS and Road signs illumination


Solar Power
Solar Panel 3,5W
Number of panels: 12
Dimensions -
Light type 15W
Voltage input 12V
Color temperature -
Material -
Controller Zeta PS800 Energy Management
Sensor PIR sensor
Battery AGM 70Ah
Design Options
Height PV extension can be extended
Fixing Universal
Power Uses LED lighting, VAS and Road signs
Design features -
Height -
PV extension Range starts at 3 meters
Casing 3 meters