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Solar Power for AC and DC

When you're out in the wild and don't have any power or network, you can use this system to power the Camera system. The system includes the solar power system, the IP camera system, the communication system and even the video recording system.

The advanced battery charging system protects against over-charging or over-discharging the batteries. All the power and network distribution system are located inside a sealed waterproof enclosure. Mounting brackets for pole or wall make it easy to install. Systems are available with 30 W to over 200 W solar panels.

Cost Savings

A much more affordable solution particularly when long distances, concrete, underground obstructions, and/or difficult terrain make trenching and cabling difficult and expensive


Installation and operation are extremely simple

Back-up Power

This Solar Power Solution comes with battery back-up to run your video camera 24 hours a day for 5 full days without sun.

No Components Specification
1 Poly crystalline solar module 320 Watt, 4 pcs
2 Combiner Input 3 / Output1
3 Off grid inverter 1000 Watt MIB-1000
4 Switching Power Supply 200W 220Vac/48Vdc
5 Mounting Structure  
6 Lead carbon battery 12V 200Ah, 4pcs
7 Outdoor distribution cabinet  
8 DC cable V1-4mm², PV1-16mm²
9 AC cable RVV2-2.5mm²
10 AC breaker 250V 32A 2P
11 DC breaker 100V 63A 2P, 100V 100A 2P, 100V 16A 2P
12 PV connector  
13 Transformer 200Vac/24Vac