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iSolardesign Ltd.'s solar street lights are extremely easy to install, In most cases, only simple hand tools are needed to assemble the light


iSolardesign Ltd. offers detailed installation instructions and videos.For larger projects, we can provide onsite installation training and technical assistance and For better wind resistance, we recommends using concrete foundations for solar lights.

We provide also all the hardware necessary to build the foundations, and can offer suggestions on the best size based on the customers' wind resistance requirements..


iSolardesign Ltd.'s solar street lights are designed to be essentially maintenance free.

In certain regions with extreme conditions, however, some level of maintenance is required to ensure the proper function of the lights.

These regions are typically where there is a risk of dust, snow, or ice covering the solar panels and thus reducing the power of the lights. In regions with frequent rain, the tilt angles of the solar panels allow for self cleaning of dust.

However, in places where rain is infrequent, periodic manual cleaning of the solar panels may be required.


Every Week:Inspect street lights to ensure all the lights are working. If there are lights which are not lit, perform analysis to understand cause and conduct repairs.

Every Two Months:Inspect street light panels and clean ones which are covered with dust or sand. The best way to clean the panels is with a brush at the end of a long pole. Cares should be taken to avoid damaging the solar panels.

Every Five to seven Years:Replace the solar street light batteries if the voltages drop below normal levels. The battery has an expected life of fi ve-seven years.