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Totally solar-powered, in order to minimize installation costs and ensure too no manteinance energy costs. No Grid connections to provide maximum fl exibility for the installation and zero setups and canons for the Wi-fi Tecnology. Giving a Solar Wi-fi service is percived by the public as a direct investment on Services, Innovation and Quality of the Urban Living.


Solar energy to power a double communication: on-line and off-line. The Wi-fi Solar Totem is the key tool to communicate and promote, thanks to the 360° visibility that ensures: night and day, throught the Backlit Message borads, on-line trought the Wi-fi service provided.

Effective and Efficient:

The Wi-fi is higly valued by citizens and customers, cause of its wide range of uses and functionality that lends. Equally is a key communication and promotion tool for Institutions and Brands, cause of its wide range of functions and applications. The integrated Wi-fi repeater powered by solar energy, ensures the access of 250 simultaneous connections for a 30 meters radius. The Modular Design allow to compose mini.-Grids for the Wi-fi coverage of large outdoor spaces, without connecting to grid; it means full fl exibility with no energy costs.

Square Series

Solar Power
Solar Panel: 55W poly-crystaline
Number of panels: 1
Dimensions: 1479mm x 686mm
Light Type 5W LED Floodlight IP65
Voltage Input 12 V
Lumen 450 lumens
Color Temperature 3000-3500 K
Material High pressure alluminium
Controller: GControl-10 10A
Controller output: 12 V
Battery capacity: 40Ah Lithium LifePO4
Number of Batteries: 1
Pre-set programms: 10 lighting programms
Capital shape: PE Structure, metal support
Pole dimensions: 255 cm
Backlit spaces
Design features: 2 Backlit message boards
Spaces dimensions: (x2) 70x100 cm
Material: Plexiglas opaline windows