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System Components

Solar Pumping System consist of a solar array, solar pumping inverter and a three-face AC pump.

  • The Solar array is composed of many solar cells panel in series and in parallel, converting irradiation from sunlight to electrical energy (DC)
  • Inverter controls and regulates pumping operation and converts DC to drive AC pumps.
  • The AC pump driven by a 3-phase induction motor, draws water from well, rivers or lakes, stores in tank/ ponds or uses for irrigation directly

System Functioning Scheme

Solar Irrigation image

Product Features

  • Patented dynamic VI maximum power point tracking (MPPT) control method ensures fast response and stable operation
  • Higly intelligent main power module ensures high reliability and up to 98% conversion efficiency
  • Digital control, automatic operation and data storage. Lighting proof, over/low input voltage, over corrent and over load protection
  • Anodize alluminium case, LED display and in-line blocks for perfect cooling and shielding
  • User friendly, convenient for operation
  • Compatible with 3-phase induction motors, adjustable pump speed based on the actual situation of the system