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Factory-built ready to power-up on delivery.Once received, the Solar Energy Station can be assembled by local labor, and delivered to create an on-grid or off-grid solar energy source - all with minimal site preparation. The goal is to make solar cost-effective and easy to install virtually anywhere.


Ready Solar Station is Designed to power small projects with one unit or interconnect units to utilityscale solar farms. For Commercial or remote areas where electrical power sources are unavailable or unreliable, the Ready Solar Station is the best solar energy option, ready to mount and componible on series for large energy projects..


Ready solar
  • All required parts included
  • Complete system delivered to your project site
  • Optional anchors for higher wind areas
  • Technical support and training


Ready solar
  • Scalable from single residence or village size to utility scale
  • Integrable with other energy sources
  • Easily expand the system as needed


  • Containerized solar array kit
  • Ships anywhere
  • Complete solar system delivered to your project site
  • Minimal site preparation
  • No ground penetrations
  • Weather resistant
  • Options for on-grid and off-grid systems
  • Can integrate with other energy sources
  • Each unit withstands 90 mph winds
  • Optional anchors can be used in higher wind areas
  • Easily expand your system as needed


Solar power
Solar Panel Wattage 2400-2800 W per DC unit
Unit Voltage 120-230 V
Unit Hz 50-60 Hertz
Power options continuous AC or DC power
Wind Resistance 90 mph Winds
Protection Weather Resistance
Inverters Array sized matched
Structure Galvanized steel,Wiring Design,Adjustable legs,Self-ballasted Design