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LED Road sign

Tecnical specifications
Power consumption 4W
Power Supply 12V
Supply 3 m IP67 cable
Light Type incapsulated LED
Colour temperature 6000K
Luminance >40cd/m2
Material Edge lit acrylic panel
Energy efficiency >70%
Standards DFT Compliance L1,L2
UMSUNG approval no. 4000150001100
Meets EN 12899-1,EN 60598-2-1,CE compliant

Challenging environment of street furniture

The LED Road sign series, consisting of the innovative LED edge lit acrylic panel, uses encapsulated low power white LED technology offering superior and even illumination. Environmental street forniture, with a life expectancy of up to 50,000 hours (11-15 years) and offering a reduction of up to 70% power consumption when compared to fluorescent tubes.


  • Extra long lifetime (50,000 Hours)
  • Upto 70% energy saving
  • Reduced maintenance and running costs
  • No disposal or annual replacement costs
  • Retro fit and new installations
  • No overhanging obstructions
  • No dark patches or areas unilluminated

Solar Paddle

Solar power
Solar Panel 20W monocrystaline, shade tolerant
Number of panels 1
Dimensions -
Light Type LED lighting arm
Voltage input -
Casing rotating, IP67
Light Type LED lighting arm
Voltage input -
Casing rotating, IP67
Controller Advanced Energy Management
Performance System
Battery type Proven to operate 365 days per year
Resistance 36Ah Lithium ferrous polymer batteries
EMS System
Features Auto power on at dusk / off at dawn with no need for an external sensor,Three stage charging algorithm,In built data logging


The Solar Paddle has been nominated for three awards so far:

  • Lux Live Awards 2012
  • BEEA Awards 2012
  • Elektra Awards 2012

Solar illumination for road signs

The Solar Paddle is a robust solar powered adapter that can be retro-fi tted to existing road sign posts in order to provide illumination of road signs independent of mains power. The Solar Paddle has an ultra-effi cient, year round guaranteed performance and an anticipated life of 10+ years. The Solar Paddle attached to the top of existing sign posts ensures illuminating of 600mm road signs.